Soundboard Replacement

Don’t let your soundboard grow tired! Over time, your soundboard will need to be repaired. However, if your soundboard is already worn out and fatigued, you will need a new one altogether. Don’t stress yourself out trying to fix it on your own. We’ll handle that for you!

Soundboard replacement involves the careful selection of mountain grown spruce matched for grain and color and edge glued into a large panel which is then thickness tapered, thinner on bass end, and custom fitted to each piano in question. Often preceded by pin bock replacement and bridge repair or replacement.

What are the benefits of soundboard replacements? A brand new soundboard will last you about 100 years, making your piano seem brand new. If you let us do the installation for you, you’ll be trusting your piano to knowledgeable technicians. Our soundboards are made of the finest building materials, offering great sound and tone. Your ears will be delighted with the difference.